2020 marks year 5 for Camp LOLO and we can't be more excited!!

Be prepared for a BIGger, Better and more POWERFUL 2 day bereavement camp.... with a dash of fun throw in...

...ok, A LOT of fun thrown in!


Camp LOLO will be held Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th at Cool Water Event Center in Meridian

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The inspiration behind Camp LOLO 

In November of 2014 one of our board members, Brandie Thomson met the Watson family. Sam Watson was suffering from ALS and was given six months left to live. His care was covered by hospice, but the rest of the family was unable to get any assistance from the government. When Sam passed on March 7, 2015. The young family did not have enough to provide grief counseling for the three children: Justin, Jake, and JaLyssa. Upon further research, Brandie discovered that there is no other program like this in the Treasure Valley and decided to create the bereavement camp. Camp LOLO is dedicated to the Watson family and the many other bereaving families in our community.



Thank You